Tuesday, 10 November 2015


There, sitting amongst the rubbish, was a decorative piece made of rusted metal. Sand poured out of its mouth when she picked it up, holding it by its scorpion tail. Reaching to pull off the lid she discovered it to be locked with age, and through its golden spout faint wafts of burning incense began. With ease she breathed it in.
Inside she could imagine that every wall would be laced with richly coloured satin sheets, which dropped in folds to meet the magenta floor. She thought of the various handcrafted pots, complimented by sewn rugs stitched with explosive patterns. While lotus flower lanterns would hang about, casting strange shadows. All tables and shelves would be filled with books crowded by sets of ivory elephants, all of which were lightly dusted with time. But everything glittered with gold. The mirrors wild with colour gleamed against the walls, accompanied by portraits which served as homage. A sunset coloured hammock, that was heavy with pillows of all different shapes, sizes, and patterns, set itself in the largest room. She pushed her mind past the colourful beads hanging from the arched doorways, as sounds of trickling water pulled her into the second room. There in its center, a graceful elephant king made of rock would sit. His four arms holding cups that poured turquoise water into the shimmering pools beneath him.
This space belonged to something supernatural, she thought. Biting her lip, she concealed a greedy smile, as she rubbed its cold metal exterior three times.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Little Mermaid

Thick tendrils upon the Face-
Scallop-armed bosoms,
adorned in a Pearled lace-
Weighed down by the Scales.

Photophor(e)ic flash- a trick of Light!
A Floating Palace-
A Frozen Knight-
Whose dirge is Sung, with no Despair-
A Tool to Bait another there.